Another New Bellevue Elementary

The Bellevue School District has been growing by 500-600 students annually, a growth rate expected to continue through 2025. The Bellevue School Board voted in September to purchase an 8 acre parcel of land from Safeway, Inc. in the newly formed Spring District for a yet-to-be-named Elementary 19. The site is located in the midst of the multi-use Spring District neighborhood and will serve children in the growing downtown core,      Bel-Red district and other current and emerging neighborhoods east of I-405..

Elementary 18, a new elementary school on Wilburton Hill, is currently in the planning and permitting phase and is expected to open in fall 2017. The school will be located next to the district’s Educational Service Center and across the street from the Wilburton Instructional Service Center. Not yet named, the school will serve students from around the downtown and Wilburton areas, relieving overcrowding at Enatai, Woodridge and Clyde Hill. Attendance areas have not yet been defined. The district will hold community meetings throughout 2016 to discuss attendance areas and transition ideas for students and families.


Spooky Fall Events in Bellevue

Rain or shine or full moon, there are plenty of fall and Halloween events for kids of all ages. Just some of the local events . . .

SPOOKFEST ZIP SCARE – South Bellevue Community Center – OCTOBER 14-29
Suspension bridge and 3 zip lines in the dark! Riders and platforms will be decorated in glow sticks. Must be 12 or over. For more information/reservations 425/452-4240 or

GREAT PUMPKIN RACE & PUMPKIN JUMP – South Bellevue Community Center
October 22nd 10:00 – noon. Bring your decorated pumpkin to compete in Bellevue’s 5th annual pumpkin race and first annual pumpkin jump. (Purchase ($25) or rent ($10) a Pumpkin Racer Kit with hardware for 1 pumpkin).  Information: 425/452-4240

HALLOWEEN FUN FEST – Bellevue Square
October 31st 5:00 – 7:00. Trick or Treat at Bellevue Square. Select stores will be ready with treats and goblin goodies at 5:00

MALLOWEEN – Crossroads Mall
October 31st 4:00 – 6:00. Costumed characters, souvenir photos and live music. (Pet food donations will be collected for the Seattle Humane Society)

HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR – KidsQuest Children’s Museum/Factoria Mall
October 24th 5:00 – 8:00. Wear your favorite costume, funny or scary, and enjoy hands on fun in the spooky kooky laboratory, creepy cake walk, eerie art and magic. Pre-registration recommended. Information @425/637-8100.

DRACULA – Meydenbauer Center
October 29th & 30th. International Ballet Theatre’s annual performance of Dracula. For tickets/information 425/822-7694.


Flickr/JLS Photography



Coast Bellevue Becomes Hotel 116

There have been recent changes to the former “auto row” just east of downtown Bellevue. Most recently the new retail complex that houses Home Goods, Trader Joe’s and REI opened at the corner of 116th Avenue NE and NE 4th Street.

The Coast Bellevue Hotel is in the process of completing a $2 million renovation and has changed its name to Hotel 116. The renovation includes improvements to the building exterior, updates to the hotel’s 176 rooms to include new bathrooms and guest room furnishings, a refreshed poolside area and new landscaping. Renovations are expected to be completed by mid-2017.

Windermere + Seattle Seahawks


For the past 27 years, the Windermere Foundation has donated a portion of the proceeds from every home  purchased or sold towards supporting low-income and homeless families in our communities. What started as a grassroots foundation serving families in need in  Washington State has grown to encompass eleven states and raised over $30 million for programs and organizations providing shelter, food, children’s programs, emergency assistance, and other services to those who need our help most. Every time a Windermere agent sells a home, a portion of the commission goes to the  Windermere Foundation.

This year Windermere is excited to announce its designation as the official real estate company of the Seattle Seahawks . What do Windermere Real Estate and the Seattle Seahawks have in common? Both got their start in Seattle in the 1970s and both are organizations who believe in giving back to our community. So when presented with the opportunity to become the Official Real Estate Company of the Seattle Seahawks, we didn’t have to think twice.

At the center of this partnership with the Seahawks is a new #tacklehomelessness campaign. The Windermere Foundation will donate $100 for every Seattle Seahawks    home game tackle during the 2016 season. On the receiving end of these donations is YouthCare, a Seattle-based non-profit organization that has been providing services and support to homeless youth for more than 40 years. In addition to raising money, the   #tacklehomelessness campaign will also bring awareness to the very issue of homeless youth struggling in our community. We know the Seahawks are equally committed to this important cause.

Our partnership with the Seattle Seahawks and YouthCare fits perfectly with the mission of the Windermere Foundation which is to support low-income and homeless families in the communities where we have offices. Through the #tacklehomelessnesscampaign, we hope to be able to do even more.

I’m honored to be affiliated with Windermere Real Estate and the efforts of the company and its foundation to give back to our community.


Amazon and Downtown Bellevue


Rumors have been circulating for weeks about Amazon’s search for office space in downtown Bellevue. The Puget Sound Business Journal reported today that Amazon is leasing Centre 425, the 16 story office building under construction at NE 4th Street and 106th Avenue NE.

Amazon was started 22 years ago in founder Jeff Bezos’ Bellevue garage. Looks like Amazon will come full circle and return to its roots.

Its Your City

BELLGATE  - sculpture by Lee Kelley

Small things can make a big difference and making even a small effort every day can have a big impact on the quality of where you live. Next time you’re walking to dinner or the movies, spending time with your kids in the park or walking your dog, take a minute to make a difference.

  • There is no Poop Fairy! Make it a habit to pick up more poop. Certainly clean up after your own dog but carry an extra bag on your next dog walk and pick up someone else’s dog’s poop.
  • Report it if you see a problem. Did a truck lose some of its gravel load in the street? Has overgrown landscaping blocked a sidewalk? Is a clogged storm drain overflowing? Its quick and easy to report problems using the MyBellevue app on your phone. Touch the “new request” button to report a problem or to request a service.
  • While the City of Bellevue does a great job maintaining the city’s parks, landscape and maintenance staff can’t be everywhere all the time (see Poop Fairy above). Lend a hand  –  if you see trash left behind, pick it up and place it in the closest trash can.
  • SLOW DOWN! As Bellevue’s residential and employment population grows so do the number of pedestrians on the streets. As a courtesy and to keep our streets safe, slow down, pay attention, look twice before making that right-turn-on-red and NO cell phone use or texting. The city is full of people young and old, bike riders, children and pets  –  keep everyone safe.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Watch out for one anther, children and pets. You could discover a new friend, baby sitter, dog walker and maybe something new about your neighborhood.
  • Volunteer. Check with local non-profit organizations and the City of Bellevue website for volunteer opportunities.
  • Unfortunately one of the hazards of a growing city is an increase in homelessness. Next time you see someone who is obviously homeless, make eye contact, smile, say hello. Acknowledgement of another person can make their day. Carry $5 Starbucks cards and occasionally hand them out  –  the ability to buy a hot drink or sandwich for someone who doesn’t have the means to do so could make a big difference.
  • Shop local. Support the many locally owned stores and restaurants throughout Bellevue. Visit area farmers markets.
  • VOTE! There’s no better way to make your voice heard.

A New Downtown Fire Station


Flickr/Andrew Siguenza

As downtown Bellevue grows, so does the need for expanded life, fire and property emergency response. The Bellevue Fire Department, after completing an extensive study to examine how to meet the city’s current and future needs, has proposed construction of a new Fire Station 10. The City Council has approved funds for property acquisition for Fire Station 10 in the 2015-2021 Capital Investment Program. The proposed site for the new station is on the west side of 112th Avenue NE and NE 12th Street, just north of McCormick Park. The 2.82 acre site will not affect McCormick Park.

Downtown’s residential population is expected to increase to 19,000 by 2030 and the city’s employment base is expected to grow to 70,000+ by 2030. The Fire Department’s goal is to reduce the target travel time to the increasing number of high-rise residential and commercial buildings and ensure quick response times for the nearby neighborhoods of Northtowne, Bel-Red, Northwest and West Bellevue and Wilburton.

Construction of Fire Station 10 is scheduled for 2019 and will take approximately 18 months with an occupancy date in 2021. For more information about Fire Station 10 visit the City of Bellevue’s website at