Condo or Townhouse Lifestyle Appealing to First Time Homeowners

5969497443_36934d7080_mThe perfect home isn’t always a house. While you might be ready for the responsibility of home ownership, a house comes with more work and expense to maintain not only the interior but also the yard, gardens, fence, exterior, roof, etc. Townhomes and condos are a great alternative for first time homeowners who are drawn to the ease of a condo lifestyle. There is minimal or no responsibility for exterior maintenance and while there’s sure to be a monthly association fee, that fee covers the expense of maintaining the landscaping, building exterior, roof, outside window washing, irrigation system, etc. Condos and townhomes also tend to be more affordable than single family homes, and with a wide range of floor plans, are a great option for first time buyers to get into the market and experience home ownership without being overwhelmed with a large mortgage or maintenance responsibilities. The owner amenities offered in many condos can be appealing as well. With access to fitness facilities, business centers, concierge service, guest suites and more, think of the potential savings if you can eliminate a gym membership or hotel expense for out of town guests.

While it comes down to lifestyle, the decision can be relatively simple. If you don’t enjoy yard work and don’t want to spend time mowing, weeding, edging, panting or cleaning the roof, a townhouse or condo could be the perfect choice. This lifestyle isn’t limited to first time buyers  –  the baby boomer generation downsizing into smaller digs find this is the perfect opportunity to abandon time consuming maintenance responsibilities and live a more carefree lifestyle with more time for entertaining, travel and spending time with friends and family. Whether you’re buying your first home or moving from a larger house, instead of buying a lawn mower buy a Metro pass and explore the city.

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