Pet Suites – The New Design Trend

dog and cat

image courtesy of Flickr by meknlts

If you’ve walked around Bellevue or Seattle lately you’ve probably noticed there are more dogs – and owners – living downtown. More than half of U.S. households own a pet and those pets are definitely part of the family.

For many buyers having a park or dog-friendly area near their home ranks high in sought-after amenities. Condo and apartment developers have embraced this trend, incorporating dog relief areas, dog grooming stations and safe pet play areas in their communities. Dedicated pet suites are sometimes offered an upgrade for interior spaces.

Condos don’t often have the luxury of extra square footage to dedicate to your furry family member but its easy to create space for organizing your pet’s “stuff” without breaking the bank or turning the living room over to Fido. A whimsical set of small drawers in the utility room or other small nook in the home can hold pet grooming tools, foul weather gear, treats, food, leash and harness, etc. If space is tight decorative hooks by the door or in a closet can organize dog leashes and coats.

Pet friendly communities are in high demand. If you’re selling your condo and your community permits pets, let buyers know their four legged family members are welcome. You don’t need to create a luxury pet spa but now would be the time to buy a new cat/dog bed, replace old bowls with a colorful matching set and organize toys in an attractive basket. Even if you don’t own a pet, investing a few dollars in pet staging items can let buyers know as soon as they enter that Fido and Fluffy are welcome.

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