Completing the Downtown Park

Downtown_Park_Circle_VisualizationThe 30 year vision for Bellevue’s Downtown Park is finally scheduled to be completed this year. Along with completing the circular promenade, the existing children’s play area will be expanded and replaced with an “Inspiration Playground”, a play area designed to accommodate children of all needs including those with development, physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities. The playground is funded in a partnership with the Bellevue Rotary.

The southern half of the Downtown Park will close in mid-July for construction and completion of the circular canal and tree-lined promenade. An enhanced entrance and water feature will be created at the south entry to the park along with terraced seating, stairways and pathways and enhanced landscaping. Parking will be revised as well, removing the current parking lot off NE 2nd Street and expanding the parking area off 100th Avenue NE.

The Downtown Park is similar to New York City’s Central Park  – it’s an incredible feature for residents and visitors and an asset to a city that continues to grow and be a great place to call home.

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