Make Your Outdoor Space Pop

image courtesy of Flickr/blanco teko

image courtesy of Flickr/blanco teko

Outdoor space shouldn’t be boring. If your home has outdoor living space and if you’re planning to sell your condo or townhouse this summer, don’t forget to spend some time staging the outdoor spaces. Buyers don’t focus just on interior spaces, they will be thinking about how they can use the home’s outdoor space. Whether you have an intimate balcony or large patio or courtyard, its easy and inexpensive to increase the appeal of your outdoor space.

  • Create a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors  –  a weather resistant area rug on the deck or patio in a similar color or texture as the room leading to the outdoor space will make the interior/exterior areas feel connected and draw attention outside.
  • Make the space comfortable  –  outdoor furniture doesn’t need to be expensive but should be comfortable and welcoming. Add colorful seat cushions and pillows to existing furniture or invest in outdoor chairs and sofas that fit your current space and can move with you. For open houses, place a bouquet of fresh flowers on the patio table or a pitcher of ice water and glasses.
  • High tech your deck  –  wireless speakers and solar USB charging stations are affordable and make outdoor spaces functional for both connectivity and entertainment.
  • Set the mood  –  lighting doesn’t just improve the ability to use outdoor space anytime, it also creates a festive mood. Place solar lighting along pathways or on tables and, if the HOA permits, hang fairy or string lights on deck railings or landscaping.
  • Unique outdoor features  –  add a water feature, unique, colorfully planted pots, propane heater or small fire pit (there are also table-top versions), dog lounge space or grassy pet potty area.

Large or small, show buyers the value of your outdoor space and the variety of ways the space can be used. Not moving . . . these are great ideas to enhance your outdoor spaces for your own use this summer.



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