Another New Bellevue Elementary

The Bellevue School District has been growing by 500-600 students annually, a growth rate expected to continue through 2025. The Bellevue School Board voted in September to purchase an 8 acre parcel of land from Safeway, Inc. in the newly formed Spring District for a yet-to-be-named Elementary 19. The site is located in the midst of the multi-use Spring District neighborhood and will serve children in the growing downtown core,      Bel-Red district and other current and emerging neighborhoods east of I-405..

Elementary 18, a new elementary school on Wilburton Hill, is currently in the planning and permitting phase. The school will be located next to the district’s Educational Service Center and across the street from the Wilburton Instructional Service Center. Not yet named, the school will serve students from around the downtown and Wilburton areas, relieving overcrowding at Enatai, Woodridge and Clyde Hill. Attendance areas have not yet been defined. The district will hold community meetings throughout 2016 to discuss attendance areas and transition ideas for students and families.


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